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Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Part 4

Once you have developed an effective real estate marketing plan, it is tempting to become complacent and coast along. Resist the urge! A successful real estate marketing campaign cannot be run on autopilot; you need to measure the effectiveness of your strategies on an ongoing basis so you can learn and implement the best approaches…

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Real Estate Website Demographics

Utilizing the internet before going out with a realtor to see properties has helped buyers streamline the buying process. Today buyers are information hungry. They want to know and understand demographic trends when considering whether to buy, when to buy and what type of home or commercial space will be most profitable in years…

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Why You Should Update Your Real Estate Website

When your South Florida real estate website was first launched, it represented the best practices in online marketing and website design. Time passes swiftly in the digital world, however, and the same website that served you so ably in the past is now keeping you from taking full advantage of the latest real estate interactive…

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The Importance Of A Real Estate Website

One of the benefits South Florida real estate brokerages like to offer their agents is the option to use a free personalized web page attached to the company’s website. While your brokerage may tout their free web pages as powerful real estate marketing tools, you need to consider whether these pages actually accomplish anything of…

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Why You Should Track Your Real Estate Website Traffic

Analyzing your website traffic and tracking the activity your Broward real estate website receives is critical to the success of your agency. Do you check your real estate website traffic? Knowing who is visiting your website, which pages they are visiting, how long they linger on each page, and other vital information is crucial to…

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How To Choose The Best Real Estate Domain Name

One of the most important decisions you face when starting a South Florida commercial real estate blog is choosing the right domain name. After all, your real estate website design will change over the years and go through multiple updates and redesigns to stay current, but a good domain name will be with you forever.…

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